Guest Wanted for the Enso Creative Podcast

Enso Creative is looking for guests to be on our upcoming podcast series.  We are in the final stages of getting our business officially launched.  Before we launch, we want to interview those who are in our target market so we can better serve our future clients.  As food and coffee lovers, we want to see the places we like to visit succeed.  The best way to learn is from those who are in the trenches everyday.  

Why a Podcast?

Odds are, most of you aren’t going to have your own podcast but would like a little exposure every now and then to tell people what you have going on at your establishment.  On top of that, customers love a good story.  Our podcast is a great way to get your story out and expose your establishment to more potential customers.  So with a podcast you help us, we help you, and we both learn and help small businesses grow.  Good deal!

Contact Us

If you are interested in being a guest on the Enso Creative Podcast fill out the form below or give us a call.

More Podcast Information: (219) 333-5115

Beyond the Enso Creative Podcast

Our goal with the podcast is to learn from those in the business and educate those in the business.  We also want to connect with the customers in your space in order to let them know your story.  Along with this podcast we will be working on some videos for YouTube that will showcase what we do as well as what you do.  Think “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” from the Food Network but with a little more of the business side to it.  

One Last Thing

If you aren’t familiar with podcasts or how popular they are, check out the links below.  They have some great statistics on the growth and usefulness of podcasting.  It is quickly becoming the new radio.

Podcast Stats and Facts

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