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When I see social media marketing from restaurants I see some that make me want to go there and eat while others make me want to help them figure this social media thing out. Then there are those that I forget about because they don’t post anything for six months then I think “why?” So here are some social media tips, ideas, and tactics that work for those who are successful.

Use Social Media

This may seem obvious to some but using social media to market your restaurant is a good idea. Most customers are on social media so not being there means you aren’t in touch with most of your customers. That’s bad business! Oh and just having the accounts isn’t enough. You actually need to use them to make posts. It isn’t that difficult to use or to keep up with. Something is better than nothing at this point.

More than One Channel

Using only Facebook for your social media marketing is leaving out a portion of your customer base. Using any one platform alone is not an efficient strategy. Many of your customers might have multiple platforms they use but one of those is probably their favorite so if you aren’t posting to that one, you are missing them.

Each Channel is Different

Every social media channel is different than the other so your content should be different for each one. You can get away with sharing the same thing across platforms but you should also make some content specific to each. Instagram is about photos and Twitter is about short bursts of words so plan and post accordingly. You can post your soup of the day across them all but that killer latte art should be on Instagram. That is what people in Instagram want to see.

Consistency Pays Off

like me and my coffee shop

Social media marketing is like long term investing, it takes time to reap the rewards. Overnight success is possible but highly unlikely and shouldn’t be expected. Keep posting useful content with some entertaining content sprinkled in and you will see the growth. As your social media presence grows, so will your audience and at some point growth can become exponential.

Post the Right Amount

People like to hear from you but not all the time. Don’t be spammy or annoying with your posting frequency. You don’t want to become part of the noise that people ignore on social media. If you have a lot of material or photos one day, save them for later use. You don’t have to post everything all at once. That juicy steak might not be good tomorrow but that picture will be.

Wait There’s More…

There is always more. Like many things in life, they are simple yet complicated. Social media is simple to do but a little more complicated to perfect. For most smaller restaurants, keeping it simple is enough to make an impact. This list is as simple as it gets when it comes to social media marketing and it should help get some traction for your restaurant on social media.

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