Storytelling and Your Business



Be the Hero of the Story

Everyone loves a good story, including your customers. When you share stories about yourself and your journey into owning your own business, you connect with your customers. At one point, you were just like them but decided to take a chance. In storytelling it’s all about the hero’s journey, in this story you are the hero. You started a business, you struggled but finally succeeded or maybe you are still struggling but aren’t quitting. We’re rooting for you! These are all things that grab people’s attention. It’s the reason why Hollywood is in business.

Better Yet, Make the Customer the Hero of the Story

There is also an alternative to storytelling for your business. If you read the book Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins you will see that he turns the reader into the hero. He does this by challenging them to tasks that will better themselves. There are examples of what he did to better himself but in the end he puts the ball in the reader’s court. In the case of a business, making the customer a hero showcases their actions and not you or your products. A simple example is a coffee shop, you have the solution to their lack of motivation in the morning; it’s called caffeine. They can get after it at work after a latte from your establishment. So instead of saying “we have great coffee” you say “John completed all his work early so he could leave the office in time to pick his kids up from school.” John is the hero to his kids because they didn’t have to take the bus home from school.

The Dichotomy of Storytelling

Storytelling gives you the opportunity to make your business more personable. That means that sometimes, you have to talk about yourself and even make yourself the hero. But, no one really likes someone who brags all the time so it is important to find that balance where you make the customer the hero. On top of that, sometimes the story is all about the customer with zero mention of your products. In the restaurant business you are likely to have your regulars, so showcase them. Showcase one of your regular customers in a simple social media post. This act alone will show that your business is good at building relationships with its customers which is obviously a good thing.

A Final Note

Some of you might not think that storytelling works or is a part of marketing in general; you would be wrong. Every successful company has a backstory that resonates with a certain customer base. It is a major tool that builds the relationships between customers and businesses. When you combine great service, products, environment with a great story you get a successful business.

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